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Upstyle Polo Shirt

100% cotton
Polo shirt in a classic fit made completely of 100% pique cotton with upstyle logo embroidery on left, guaranteeing exceptional workmanship and endurance. Discover pique cotton's distinctive structure and improved moisture retention, which are ideal for keeping you chill throughout hot summer days or for outdoor pursuits.

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Sakura Graphic T-shirt

Experience the luxurious comfort and quality of our 100% cotton jersey fabric by choosing garments made from this exceptional material including a Sakura tree & samurai graphic on front and upstyle logo on the back. The lightweight and breathable fabric provided by the single jersey design makes it ideal for everyday use. In hotter weather, it keeps you cool and comfortable by allowing air to circulate freely. The shirt is also flexible offering an easy movement and comfortable fit. Also, its softness and breathability make it a go-to choose for casual and relaxed styles.

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